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Details of Our Patient Representative Board

Terms of reference:


The role of the Patient Representative is to work with the clinic team to represent the patient voice. The Patient Representative will participate in meetings and reviews with a particular emphasis on ensuring that any decisions or proposals have appropriate patient user involvement and that concerns raised are acknowledged.  


Key aims:


  • To contribute to the commitment to ensure that clear decision making processes and governance arrangements are adhered 

  • To put forward views and comments, based on knowledge of the patient experience with aims to ensure that Improvements to services are made that:


  1. Aim for reduction in health inequalities

  2. Increased quality in the services delivered 

  3. Improved user experience



  • Attendance at ad-hoc meetings/ availability for virtual decisions, i.e. by email related to any changes suggested to the business


Key Competencies / skills:

  • Commitment to confidentiality

  • Strong communication skills 

  • Interest in the responsibilities of the service 

  • Strong links into the community 

  • Ability to understand the relevant service, and able to contribute to the programme of change and represent the wider patient voice

  • Confidence to challenge 

  • IT skills

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Holly Hammett

I am a Registered Nurse and have a passion for skin treatments. The reason I want to be on Blends patient board is because I enjoy the treatments and would like to contribute to future developments of the clinic.


Yvonne Crank


My job role is a director of an accountancy firm. I have been attending Blend since it opened in September 2020. I have had lots of the treatments they offer and always enjoy my time in the clinic. I am on the patient board as I would like to hear all the new ideas for the business. 

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Liam Wrigley


My job role is PHD researcher and teacher at Manchester university.  I would like to be on the patient board as I enjoy my time in the clinic and I would like contribute to ways in which the clinic can always ensure a positive and safe experience for patients. 




I am an area manager for a beauty brand. I have had numerous treatments here at Blend with the skin specialists and medical team. I love the clinic and would be honoured to be on your patient board to give ideas and feedback on any new developments.

Our board members are:

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